The RIBBE Supports Small Business Saturday and League Sponsors

Take a look at any outfield fence in any Rhode Island small town’s baseball field.  It is covered with signs from local business leaders, shops, cafes, lawyers, and car dealerships.  The phone number for a local florist or toy store or sporting goods store is clearly marked.  The website for a local photographer or tavern or landscaping company is in bold letters.  These signs represent local Rhode Island business leaders who support youth sports, like baseball, here in Rhode Island.

Saturday, November 24th is Small Business Saturday.  Small business typically refers a local or state business as opposed to the large “big box” stores you see at the malls.  A small business is 2 people running a T-shirt company in Westerly.  A small business is a toy store in Wickford.  A small business is a family law firm – Mom, Sister, and Brother – in Bristol.  A small business is a 3rd generation clothing store in Cranston.  A small business is a record store in East Providence.  A small business is the lifeline of a family and quite often its sole source of income.  For every dollar you spend in a small business in Rhode Island, you are making a gigantic impact on our local and state economy and the lives of the small business owner.

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More often than not, your son or daughter’s uniform this season was sponsored by a small business.  Your new snack shack, also sponsored by a small business.  Your new batting cages were funded by a small business.  The baseballs and new USA approved bats and those shiny new helmets, all funded by a small business sponsor.  Sponsors supply volunteer youth organizations with the funding necessary to make the fields playable, the equipment safe, the uniforms look amazing, and the leagues possible.

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On this Small Business Saturday here in Rhode Island, let us all pay back the amazing sponsors of youth sports and Shop Local.  Shopping season is upon us and everyone is excited to get the latest this or the newest that.  Our Rhode Island small business owners and waiting for you.  Their stores are clean, their shelves are stocked, their smiles are ear to ear!!!  Shop local today and every day you can this holiday season.  To all the sponsors of youth sports who are participating in Small Business Saturday, thank you for your support this and every baseball season.

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