Pawtucket’s Fairlawn Little League – The Best Game in Town!

On my trip around Rhode Island this summer visiting baseball fields, I traveled to Pawtucket and Fairlawn Little League.  The baseball fields are located behind Nathaniel Greene Elementary School at 285 Smithfield Ave, Pawtucket.  A classic baseball sign on the outside of Carl DeLuca Memorial Field got my attention.  It read “Pawtucket’s Fairlawn Little League – The Best Game in Town!”

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Just outside Carl DeLuca field was another interesting field and sign that caught my attention.  The John E. (Jack) Carney T-Ball Field was a really cool baseball field that was fenced and had a short porch serving as the outfield perimeter.  I received an email from Norman Clark this fall regarding this field. “The T ball field is named after John ” Jack” Carney who was former coach in the league and a city councilman for the area. It’s believed ( but Little League won’t confirm it) to have been the first or one of the first Little League T ball programs and was started by Mr Carney and his friends. Mr Carney’s son is Keith Carney former Mount St Charles and NHL star.”  Great information and I loved this T-Ball Field.


Back at DeLuca Field, I was really impressed by this Little League field.  The grass had been recently cut and the mound, infield, and catcher’s area groomed.  The field looked baseball ready for an afternoon ball game.  There was plenty of seating for spectators, including a fantastic set of park benches located just passed the outfield fences.  From these park benches, you could see the school, adjoining fields, and the recreation area just on the other side of the parking lot.  The fields abutted a local Pawtucket neighborhood, which I absolutely loved.  Truly, it was one of the best fields I visited all summer.

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To learn more about Pawtucket’s Fairlawn Little League, visit:

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Facebook Page – Fairlawn Little League

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  1. Does Anybody Remember Us Kids That Won The Minor League Championship Around 1960 Under The Name Of Giards Dairy? Our Coaches Name Was “Mr Quinn”

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