The RIBBE Visits Coventry’s Moe Joe Baseball Academy

This is no doubt that Coventry Little League captured the attention of the Rhode Island Little League community this summer.  Their success on the field was tremendous and the camaraderie between players and coaches was genuine to say the least.  In speaking to a few parents from Coventry, some mentioned a recent trip some of the players and coaches made as a Coventry football team as a reason the players were so tight knit.  Others stated that this group had really grown up playing together, whether it was playing basketball, football, or baseball.  Others credited the AAU program run by Coventry Coach John Fretts.  That program is called Moe Joe Baseball.


Coach John Fretts was a great resource throughout the time I was writing about Coventry Little League and their championship run.  John was so enthusiastic for his son Cody and the other players.  He would snap photos of pre-game activities and other special moments.  It really helped me tell the story all summer long of this special Coventry Little League team.  I cannot say thank you enough to John for allowing me to be a small part of one of the biggest sports stories in Rhode Island this year.

John invited me over to Moe Joe Baseball Academy, which is located at 62 Sawyer St, Coventry.  The facility is just about a mile past Coventry’s Paine Fields on Route 117.  Down Sawyer Rd, all the way to the back left of the many commercial buildings is Moe Joe Baseball Academy.  Moe Joe features several individual cages/lanes for pitching and catching practice, which have retractable netting for more infield and group training work.   When I arrived, the 10U Moe Joe team (along with a few older kids) were getting instruction from a local pitching coach.  The 11U team was due in to work with this coach later that evening.

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Moe Joe features a strength training section as well as an area for functional training.  Some new team apparel and hats had arrived just before I did.  There were AAU trophies, plaques on the walls, and one huge blown up photo of several Moe Joe Baseball players who played for last summer’s Coventry Little League team.  In fact, John pointed out one of the star players from that team, Jake Mather, who was working out with the 10U team, Mather was/is a Moe Joe player as well.

Coventry Little League Baseball Team stands on famous hill overlooking Lamade Stadium at Little League World Series

It was awesome to talk baseball, family, holidays, and more with Coach John Fretts of Moe Joe Baseball Academy.  Moe Joe is a great baseball resource conveniently located a few miles off Route 95 in Coventry.   This facility is home to a very successful group of baseball players, coaches, and families.  Moe Joe Baseball’s overall AAU record over the past 3 years is mind blowing.  Moe Joe offers competitive rates for hourly cage time and has convenient parking and hours of operation.  For more information on Moe Joe Baseball Academy, contact John Fretts at 

Moe Joe Baseball Academy can be found on Facebook here – Moe Joe Baseball

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