How To Promote Your Rhode Island Baseball League on Social Media

For the past 4 years, I have proudly served as the information officer for North Kingstown Wickford Little League (previously just Wickford Little League).  One of my responsibilities and challenges was to engage the fans and families of North Kingstown baseball in a town where soccer, lacrosse, and flag football have become increasingly more popular.  Just because I love baseball with a passion does not mean everyone does.  So, I set out to create an engaging year round informational campaign through email marketing, blogging and articles in local media websites, and most importantly, social media.


When I took over as information officer, there was very little action on our social media account.  A Facebook page had been set up and had about 50 followers.  No Instagram nor Twitter account existed.  Like most leagues, information was passed down to parents through emails from managers and/or coaches and/or helpful parents.  Important information about registration, fall baseball, rain outs, home run derby, and coaches clinics were often left unread, in spam folders, or simply undelivered due to incorrectly spelled email addresses.  I knew I had to take my local league into the social media era of marketing.

The first step was to create a Facebook page that would bring parents, coaches, and families to our page on a regular basis.  I updated the page’s photo to a recognizable photo of Wilson Park.  I rotated cover photos of players, coaches, and game action photos.  I posted daily, often using photos of my own games or with photos my mother took at games.  I posted about how much baseball meant to the town of North Kingstown in years past.  I posted about upcoming meetings, setting up events and sharing them with the followers of the page.  I posted about our sponsors and how much they meant to our league.  I encouraged the sponsors to “Like” our page, so they could see game photos of teams they sponsored.  Then, I asked board members who were on Facebook to ask their friends to “Like” our page.  And to share content, photos, and game scores with me after each game so I could post them on our page.  I added videos and more photos each week.  And within a few months, our Facebook page went from 50 to several hundred followers.


Soon, I had parents emailing or messaging me through the league’s Facebook page. They would send me photos of their son or daughter playing baseball or having fun at the games.  The coaches would send me their game scores.  The All-Star managers would send me updates on games, scores, photos, and more.  If we had a rain delay or game cancelled due to weather, we could put a message on our Facebook page notifying parents.  If we had a schedule change for our Opening Day parade, the Facebook page would be updated.  Our Facebook page was now set to serve as an important, up to the minute and informational resource for our league.


For 4 years running, I have consistently posted content, photos, and videos to our league’s Facebook page.  Along the way, I set up an Instagram account which mirrored the Facebook account.  On the Instagram account, I post photos and videos and content.  I have encouraged sponsors to “Like” our Instagram account, similar to our Facebook page.  And, I have “Liked” similar accounts in North Kingstown and Rhode Island that pertain to baseball.  When I post something, anyone who “likes” your page can potentially see what you posted (depending on your privacy setting, which I can explain at a later time).  I have set up an automatic link from our Facebook page to Instagram as well as my company’s Twitter account, so all three sites share the same content simultaneously.


In addition North Kingstown/Wickford Little League, I have also set up a Facebook and Instagram page for the Rhode Island Baseball Experience.  Similar to the NKW pages, I post photos and content and videos pertaining to baseball in Rhode Island.  And I “Like” every Rhode Island baseball related Facebook page I can find so I can share posts and great content with them and for them on my page.  I just passed 650 plus followers and add more baseball fans each week.  I post daily, sometimes several times per day.  I look forward to sharing great photos, interesting content, and all things baseball on my Facebook pages.  These pages help me build an engaging audience who want to learn about baseball here in North Kingstown and Rhode Island.

If you are a local Rhode Island league or organization that would like assistance with your social media pages, I would love to offer you a free 30 minute consultation over the phone, via email, or in person.  I can assess the content on your page and make suggestions on how you can improve your social media marketing.   You can reach me to discuss at or by phone at 401.533.0913.  Stay tuned for future blog posts about marketing your baseball league through social media, email marketing, and local newspaper articles.

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