Elmwood Little League – Where Volunteers Coach, Kids Play, and Umpires Are Human

Traveling through District 1 one sunny afternoon, I stopped in at Elmwood Little League’s complex of baseball fields.  Three amazing baseball fields with easy access to each field from Niantic or the side access road.  
The baseball fields are located located next to Mashapaug Pond, which provides a gorgeous backdrop to the fields and recreation area.  When I visited the fields in early September, they were all in fantastic, baseball ready condition.  

There is plenty of parking available once you get onto the nearby access road.  Each baseball field has plenty of seating – bleachers or simply a comfortable spot on the first or third base lines.  The “Elmwood Snacks” concession stand is conveniently located between two of the adjoining baseball fields.  I loved the signage throughout the complex.  There is a great mural on the concession stand near the restrooms that read “As a child living in this area was like Disneyland,” and the quote was attributed to Dennis Maynard.  That was really cool.

Up the hill from the snack shack, there is a tremendous view of the baseball complex and recreation area.  You can see the baseball fields, the snack shack, the pond, the trees, and the entire baseball complex in full view on a sunny day.  I loved all the great signage throughout the park and on the baseball field fences.  The baseball fields and grounds were clean and welcoming and definitely baseball ready.  

It was a great visit to the Elmwood Little League.  I loved the quote about Disneyland.  As a kid, as a baseball coach, and a baseball fan you should feel comfortable and safe at your home ball park.  I definitely got the impression that Elmwood Little League was a great place to play baseball.  Here is how to find out more information about Elmwood Little League:

Facebook Page: Elmwood Little League

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