The RIBBE Visits Warwick’s XLR Batting Cages And Training Facility

In the Pilgrim High School section of Warwick, there is a new baseball and softball indoor training facility that has recently opened for business. Owners Amy and Leo invited me to XLR Batting Cages and Training Facility this week to learn more about their business. XLR is located at 1222 Post Rd, next to Planet Fitness in the Governor Francis area of Warwick. XLR features 3500 square feet of space with indoor turf, retractable hitting and/or pitching cages, and baseball necessities for indoor training – L-screens, tees, indoor pitching mounds, buckets of baseballs, fantastic lighting, just to name a few.

How did Amy and Leo come up with the name for their facility? Simple, it is the initials of their son, Xavier Leonardo Rios, a huge baseball fan and elite player with Cranston East Little League and the Rhode Island Rays AAU team. Amy comes from a baseball family, having strong ties to the Cape Cod Summer Baseball League. Her family has been active with the Brewster Whitecaps, having been a host family for 30 years and counting. Her husband and business partner Leo has over 20 years coaching experience in football, basketball, and baseball for youth athletes from Providence to Newport to Cranston East. Both Amy and Leo are former high level collegiate athletes and know the necessary steps – physically and mentally – to succeed in athletics. And they are both proud parents who value the importance of school, having fun, and most of all, getting the youth of Rhode Island active in sports.

XLR Batting Cages and Training Facility is open to both local teams as well as individual players. Teams can use the entire facility for pitching, hitting, infield drills, footwork, and/or conditioning sessions. Individuals can work with a parent or coach on throwing strikes or bunting or the proper first step on a steal. Amy mentioned that if teams book the space and call ahead with a general plan of how they will use the facility, that her and Leo will prep the cages to their needs. Since the cages retract, XLR can customize the facility ahead of time, so your team can walk right in and get to work. Both Leo and Amy are really great to work with. They know baseball, busy family schedules, and how to work with kids of all abilities.

XLR has a reception desk and waiting area behind the cages. There is a pro shop set up at the moment, but according to Amy, just to move some inventory they acquired from another baseball coach. There are plans to incorporate local personal trainer Gary Howard into the facility to offer strength and conditioning programs for kids. Amy mentioned that XLR is planning on announcing some workshops and coaching clinics for 2019. Stay tuned to their website and Facebook pages for upcoming events and specials.

It was great meeting Amy and Leo at XLR Batting Cages and Training Facility. XLR is located next to Planet Fitness at 1222 Post Road in Warwick, just a few blocks from Pilgrim High School. It offers 3500 square feet of baseball and softball training equipment. It is a clean, well lit, and safe indoor training facility run by two awesome parents, coaches, and former high level athletes – Amy and Leo. I wish you and XLR the very best and look forward to visiting you again soon.

For more information on XLR, please see their business card below:

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