Two Incredible Little League Stars Commit to Play College Ball

A few years back, my oldest son Spencer played on Dave’s Marketplace in the Majors division for my local Wickford Little League team. He was an outfielder and occasional second basemen on a very good team. One of the stars of that team was a 12 year old baseball player named Megan Gormley. Her father, Kevin, was the head coach and her brother, TJ, was the starting shortstop and occasional pitcher. Meg was an incredible pitcher and a fearless presence on the mound. She could throw the ball as fast as and as accurate as her peers on the team and to be honest, anyone else in the majors division. And she batted either 2nd or 3rd in the lineup, which tells you that she could hit. Meg was an All-Star baseball player, no questions asked.

I recently read via the North Kingstown Athletics Boosters Club that Meg Gormley had signed a letter of intent to play softball at Brown. Not having followed her career after that Little League season, I’m guessing Meg went on to become a high level softball player, good enough to play at the Division 1 level. I just remember how good she was at baseball and the fact that she never seemed out of place, being one of only a few girls to play baseball for Wickford Little League that season. It is a real credit to Meg and her family for giving her the support and encouragement to play baseball, a sport she was incredibly good at.

And yesterday, I read online that famous Little League baseball player Mo’ne Davis had also signed a letter of intent to play college ball. Davis will be playing softball at Hampton University. If you do not remember, Mo’ne Davis took the baseball world by storm a few years back as the most electrifying and charismatic Little League player in the summer of 2014. Her pitching was televised to massive audiences and her performance on the field was just incredible. Here is the link to the story about Mo’ne Davis – Mo’Ne Davis Going to Hampton.

These two baseball stars, Meg Gormley and Mo’ne Davis will now play college softball at Brown and Hampton, respectively. Two Little League baseball players who proved that girls can excel playing sports traditionally slated for boys. They may meet at the Division 1 level in the future, perhaps at the College World Series or maybe for a Team USA tryout. I think it would be very interesting to see if Gormley or Davis were to try out for the baseball teams at their respective college choices, what that outcome would be. I would certainly not bet against them!!!!

Good luck to Meg and Mo’ne in their future endeavors as college student athletes.

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