The RIBBE Visits Gorham Field and Scituate Foster Little League

John Gorham Athletic Field is home to Rhode Island’s Scituate Foster Little League. Scituate Foster plays in District 4. The field is located off Route 101 or Hartford Pike in Scituate, RI just passed the Route 6/Hartford Pike split. Gorham Field is a beautiful complex with wooden backdrop that surrounds two baseball fields. There is plenty of seating along each baseline. Parking is available as you pull into the complex. And there is a huge snack shack and concession area that features two scoreboards, each facing a baseball field. That was really cool.

When I visit the great baseball fields of Rhode Island, I always look for unique plaques, memorials, or other eye catching signs. I had visited Gorham in the early part of fall, so I am guessing their volunteers had removed sponsorship signage throughout the park. But I did see one sign that caught my eye. It was a parking spot sign entitled “Reserved Parking for Alicia.” Interesting.

Gorham Field feature 2 baseball fields, both in really nice shape. There was a batting cage behind the first field on the right of the snack shack. The grounds overall were really impressive with the wooden backdrop surrounding the field. And Gorham was easy to get to and there was plenty of space for spectators and parking.

It was a great visit to John Gorham Athletic Field and Scituate Foster Little League. To learn more about Scituate Foster Little League and their upcoming season, visit their website at

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