South Kingstown Little League plays in Rhode Island Little League’s District 3. I know this because I have coached my sons and their North Kingstown teams against SKLL for over 10 years now, with mixed results. South Kingstown Little League plays on several baseball fields in the South County area, including Tuckertown Park. Tuckertown Park is a gorgeous recreation complex with two baseball fields, soccer fields, tennis courts, huge playground, and more. My NK teams have been visitors on both the baseball fields at Tuckertown. And my other sons have played on the playground, sometimes for the entire game, while their brother played baseball.

I visited Tuckertown Park one rainy afternoon in late summer just as the leaves were starting to turn. The park is located off Route 1 South and (you guessed it) Tuckertown Road. It offers plenty of parking and seating for each baseball field. There are concession stands located at each field as well. Behind the first baseball field is one of the best playground areas for kids of all ages to play on while their siblings play baseball. In the photos above, I photographed my usual spot, on the third base dugout, where a generous section of trees always provided me with awesome shade.

Tuckertown’s baseball fields have several batting cages and pitching areas. Despite the rainy day, the fields were in good condition overall. I always remember the fields being in good playing condition, no matter what season of the year North Kingstown faced South Kingstown. And being so close in proximity, I have developed a lot of friendships over the years with South Kingstown coaches and board members. Tuckertown Park is a great place to watch a baseball game, soccer game, play a game of tennis, or just enjoy the natural wooden landscape of this amazing South County sports complex.

To learn more about South Kingstown Little League, visit the following sites for more information. SKLL has open registration now for the 2019 season located on their website as well.

Website – South Kingstown Little League

Facebook – SKLL