The RIBBE Visits Pacheco Park and North Smithfield Little League

This past fall, I visited Pacheco Park, home to North Smithfield Little League. Pacheco Park is located off Main St and Railroad St. in North Smithfield, after traveling on Route 5 North coming from 295 North. There is plenty of parking in this huge sports complex. Pacheco offers a few baseball and recreation fields at this location. In addition, there is a nice size playground as well as tennis and basketball courts. I parked and took a look at the main baseball field next to the parking area.

North Smithfield Little League plays in District 4 of Rhode Island Little League. Pacheco Park and the various baseball and recreational fields were in really nice shape when I visited this fall. On the main field next to the parking lot, there was plenty of seating along the first and third base lines as well as the outfield areas around the fence. Fall games were still on the schedule and the field, infield dirt, and mound areas were all in ready to use, ready to play condition. And, I really liked the North Smithfield Little League logo, which they proudly displayed throughout the field.

Whenever I visit baseball fields, I always look for plaques, memorials, and signage that catches my eye. At Pacheco, there was a plaque honoring Frank Meyer, III who was involved in North Smithfield Little League as a youth baseball player.

Pacheco Park, home to District 4’s North Smithfield Little League is a great baseball and sports complex. It features several baseball and recreation fields as well as a playground, tennis courts, and basketball. Pacheco is easy to get to from 295 and Route 5 in North Smithfield. It was a great visit to North Smithfield Little League’s Pacheco Park.

Registration is now open for the 2019. To learn more about North Smithfield Little League, visit these pages online:

Website – North Smithfield Little League

Facebook – North Smithfield Little League

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