Rhode Island’s Woonsocket Little League Makes Donation to Little League Nigeria

I received an email message this week from Woonsocket Little League President, John Levreault. A few years back, Woonsocket LL donated equipment and uniforms to Little League Nigeria. The donation included baseball equipment like gloves, bats, and catching gear to uniforms of all youth sizes. John and his fellow coaches and volunteers kept in touch over the years and was so pleased to see the donations come to good use. Little League Nigeria sent a few photos to John, which I would like to share with you.

And here are some photos with comments from a league official in Nigeria. The comments warmed my heart and made me realize how lucky we are to have all the amazing sponsors and volunteers we have here in Rhode Island who support youth baseball.

Due to lack of basic equipment we used improvised equipment designed and fashion by kids to play the game we both loved and most favourite American game of all time.
We improvised series of bats and chest protector to play baseball and softball because of the love of the game.
Some of our improvised baseball ball we used due to lack of basic equipment.

John finished by telling me that Woonsocket Little League is committed to sending another package of baseball equipment and uniforms this season. If other leagues would like to donate and help this equipment drive, feel free to contact John at Woonsocket Little League.

What an amazing story of how baseball is a universally loved game. And how one city in this smallest state in America can make such a positive impact on a country halfway around the world. Great job John, Woonsocket Little League, and best of luck this season to all the rising star baseball players in Nigeria.

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