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According to several online media sources, the baseball dugout originated as a concession to the fans. The dugout section of the field, in some baseball parks, is actually lower than field level. Fans located along the first and third base line who want to see the action of the batter (home plate) can have a better view of the game because of the dugout. Other dugouts are field level and are enclosed by a brick structure or metal fencing. Then, there are dugouts which aren’t really dugouts – they are simply just a bench so the players can rest between innings.

Some dugouts are adorned with sponsorship banners. Others carry the league’s logo. I viewed some dugouts which have been painted over with incredible murals depicting kids and sports. Some dugouts have metal benches, others wooden benches, and others have stadium type seating. Every single dugout has a story to tell.

The dugout is place to make new friends. It is a place where teammates pick each other up when there is a tough inning. And a place where teammates can high five a teammate that hits a home run. The dugout is where players huddle around their coaches and receive those last minute instructions on how to handle a bunt, throw a curveball, and hit a really hard pitcher.

The dugout is a place for chewing gum wrappers, sunflower seeds, and Gatorade bottles. A dugout has a scorebook, a pencil, and a pitch counter. It has helmets and catcher’s shin guards and batting gloves with rips in the thumb. A baseball dugout has tons of stuff in it that enhance the baseball experience for each player and coach.

I love seeing all the different styles of dugouts at Rhode Island baseball fields. Each field adds it own personal touch to their dugouts by adding sponsorship signage, league logos, organizational information, and much more. Dugouts are designed to protect the players and coaches during games, allowing the players to interact with each other and increase their enjoyment of the game. Sunflower seeds on the dugout floor, helmets on the shelves, and scorebooks filled out are just some of the many sights inside the dugout area. Players discuss strategy with each other. Coaches discuss strategy with each other and their players.

I love visiting these amazing baseball fields throughout the Ocean State. There are some many cool styles and personalized dugouts that house our youth baseball players every year. I look forward to seeing some great Rhode Island Baseball experiences this year.

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