I was leafing through some old photos in my Google photo albums and I came upon a great RI Baseball Experience I had in Chicago. My wife (then girlfriend) Rachel and I traveled to Chicago in the summer of 2014 to explore the city that was on both of our “bucket lists” and the Windy City did not disappoint. We were fortunate to stay in the downtown area, which gave us incredible access to restaurants, museums, the famous Bean, shopping, and so much more. I took these two photos of the Bean, one zoomed in, one zoomed out, and was shocked at the second photo. Still am…

Part of our trip around Chicago included a stop at Wrigley Field. It was about a 20 minute cab ride from our hotel to 1060 W Addison St, home of the Chicago Cubs. The second oldest baseball park in Major League Baseball, next to our local Fenway Park in Boston did not disappoint. The Cubs were away that weekend, so Rachel and I had the opportunity to walk through the park via a guided tour. The tour guide took us through the locker rooms, up into the dugout area, into the press box, into the centerfield bleachers, and also access on field itself.

A major shoe company was shooting a commercial while we toured the field, the bleachers, the upper deck concession areas, and the lower levels. The tour guide pointed out the manual scoreboard, the rooftop seats on the other side of N Sheffield Ave in right field, and all of the cool nooks and crannies of one of the most historic baseball fields in the world. In a lot of ways, it reminded me of Fenway Park and Cardines Field in Newport, where there is less flash and more baseball soul oozing out of each wall, each bleacher seat, each mural on the stairwells.

The ivy, the rows of bleacher seats, rooftop seats across the street, the classic feel of Wrigley Field was so cool to experience. I am really glad we did the tour. I’m usually not a huge fan of tours because I like to explore on my own. But, this was well worth it and gave us incredible access to the field, bleacher seats, press box, dugouts, and more. In visiting Wrigley Field, I was able to cross off one more historic baseball field off my bucket list. And, Rachel and I loved Chicago and hope to visit there again sometime soon.