If The Walls of McCoy Stadium Could Talk, Here is What They Would Say

I have been granted an incredible opportunity to walk the hallways of McCoy Stadium and inhale some amazing baseball stories. The hallways from the corporate offices of the Pawtucket Red Sox, leading down through the kitchen area, executive offices, and into the clubhouse area of McCoy are lined with sports memorabilia and community service plaques from floor to ceiling. Commemorative bats, baseballs, autographed photos, special event posters, memorable game tickets – the list goes on and on. Community service awards for giving back to the communities of Rhode Island and Massachusetts for close to 50 years adorn these walls. Years and years of doing the right thing and using their “star power” to make someone or a community better. These are the stories I plan on sharing with you in the coming weeks.

You can follow along this walk down the hallways of the Pawtucket Red Sox via this blog site as well as my social media pages. Special thanks to Joe Bradlee, Director of Operations & Community Relations for the Pawtucket Red Sox for this opportunity.

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