The RIBBE Visits Mohawk Movement and Massage

Over the past few years, I have gotten to work with Cranston East Little League and RI Reds Coach Gary Howard on baseball related articles. Gary is a proud parent of a Cranston East Little League rising star and works with his son and other youth baseball players on skills, conditioning, and life lessons both on and off the field. Off the field, Gary works out his players at Warwick’s “It Starts Here Fitness” on Jefferson Blvd. And to add to his resume of helping not only youth athletes but adults as well, is the new Mohawk Movement and Massage.

Located inside “It Starts Here Fitness” is Gary’s new office. His office includes enough space for consultations on fitness, stretching, athletic injuries, or just baseball chat. His wall of credentials in the stretching, therapy, and massage industry gets larger and larger each week. Gary has extensive knowledge of how the body works, how you can improve form and function athletically, and how to treat those nagging aches and pains from sports, work, and life in general.

I recently met with Gary for a 1 hour stretch session. Being an aging athlete, I am certainly not as flexible as I used to be. Gary took a few photos of my posture and how I stand on an average day. He used a cool software to analyze my weak points and show where I was at posturally and where I should be at. More importantly, with the proper stretching program, where I can be at.

Next, Gary began a stretching session which lasted about 30 minutes. He used manual stretching techniques on my shoulder and back to help open up some of my inflexibility. Gary showed me a few of the tools he uses in his therapy to help alleviate muscle soreness and help increase blood flow to affected areas. Cupping, this incredible massage gun, and his massage blade were just a few of the gadgets Gary uses to help athletes of all abilities feel better. To be honest, the half hour went by way too fast and I felt 10 years younger after working with Gary.

Gary was kind enough to give me a few gift certificates for Mohawk Movement and Massage. I have a 60 minute Stretch, similar to what I had done. And I have a massage certificate as well. I am giving them away to any Rhode Island baseball volunteer, parent, coach, or player who has gone above and beyond for his/her fellow league or community. Nominate someone and I will put them into consideration for these gift certificates. Thank you to Gary Howard and Mohawk Movement & Massage for this very generous donation.

You can reach Gary and Mohawk Movement at or stopping by “It Starts Here Fitness” at 380 Jefferson Blvd., Warwick. Phone is 401.473.4344.

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