All About Sports is All About Attitude, Heart, and Hustle

Nestled in the Northern section of Rhode Island, off Route 146 in North Smithfield is All About Sports Indoor Youth Sports Facility. Getting to All About Sports was simple, just a few lefts and rights off the highway and the sign on St. Paul St. is a clear as day. There is plenty of parking and I found a spot right in front of the sports facility door. I didn’t have an appointment, so I phoned the facility’s main number, spoke to a representative, who granted me access to the facility through a secure password on the front door. You can’t simply walk into All About Sports off the street without a code or a membership, according to the representative. That has to give parents and guardians a great feeling of comfort when bring their youth sports athlete to All About Sports.

Once inside, I walked around the sports facility to check out its cages and amenities. It was late morning when I arrived and there was a group of men working out and pitching batting practice. The crack of the wooden bat inside the facility was a welcome sound. These guys didn’t miss too many pitches, so the sound resonated pretty much the entire time I was inside All About Sports. I witnessed several cages, pitching mounds, batting tees, pitching machines, turf – everything you would need to run and operate a successful indoor baseball and softball facility. The facility was well lit, clean, and had tons of great baseball photos throughout. And, tons of inspiration baseball and life quotes on the walls and batting screens to motivate players, coaches, and families to be accountable and respect the game of baseball.

From what I can read from their new website,, this facility caters to a number of local youth baseball and AAU programs. Smithfield Little League, L & M Baseball, and BMR Softball are just a few of the teams that utilize All About Sports for winter training. You can see tons of great photos, trophies, batting helmets, bats, and more sprinkled throughout the waiting area, safely tucked behind the batting cage netting. All About Sports had a personal feel and a genuineness to it that goes beyond baseball.

On their website, you will find photos, membership information, and what to expect from a membership to All About Sports. And learning more information is as simple as this: email and say “I would like to be a member.” Or you can contact the facility, as I did, by calling 401.451.5739. All About Sports is located at 473 St. Paul St., North Smithfield, RI. I follow them on social media and always look forward to exciting posts about games, players, tournaments, and former players now playing college and professional baseball. Check out All About Sports in North Smithfield today!

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