Rhode Island is so blessed to have beautiful state and local parks for recreation. Inside these spacious parks are walking trails, stables for horses, picturesque lakes and ponds, and (for some) amazing baseball and softball fields. One of the most impressive parks in Rhode Island is Slater Memorial Park in Pawtucket. I visited Slater Park yesterday to check on the baseball fields.

Slater Park is home to several local youth sports organizations, including Darlington American Little League, as well as the home field for Tolman High School baseball and softball student athletes. The baseball and softball area is really more like a sports complex with several fields stretching out over a massive area of the park from the inner park road out to Newport Avenue. There are fields for Tee Ball level through youth baseball levels like the Majors division all the way up to the “big field.” What I love about this format is that a youth baseball or softball player can literally play their entire Rhode Island baseball career in the same park. Tee ball graduates to the Majors fields then to the “big field.” Very cool concept and it provides an important link to the next step for the younger kids. “See that field, I once played on that very field when I was your age. Now, I play in high school.”

As I walked around Slater Park and took photos of each field, I noticed important safety placards had been added to the fences of each field. Safety guidelines for players, coaches, and parents as the 2020 Spring and Summer season is starting to take shape. The signs were cleared marked on the first base and third base sides of each field. And they were available in Spanish, English, and Portuguese. “Stay home if you are sick,” “Practice social distancing,” “Wash your hands with soap and water,” all messages we have been hearing from health experts and the CDC regarding safe interactions during Phase II of the State’s “Reopening RI” plan.

Great work by the grounds crew of Slater Park. The fields looked amazing yesterday. The signage on the field shows you care about your players, your leagues, your community as we navigate through Phase II of Reopening RI. It is always a pleasure visiting Slater Park and Darlington American Little League in Pawtucket. Good luck this Spring and Summer!!!