Smithfield’s Whipple Field -Glad To Have You Back for 2020 Baseball and Softball Play

Smithfield’s Whipple Field complex is home to youth baseball and softball players at the tail end of, you guessed it, Whipple Road. I have photographed and blogged about Whipple Field a few times. The last time I visited was for the “Wiffle at Whipple” event to help raise money for local Smithfield Little Leaguer, Noah Antunes and the #noahstrong effort. The entire Whipple Field complex was filled with athletes of all ages, fundraising booths, parents, friends, community members, and a common goal to raise money and the spirits of this Smithfield Little Leaguer and his family.

Due to the safety guidelines in Phase II of the Reopening RI plan, we are less likely to see crowds like that day anytime soon. In Phase II, the guidelines state gatherings of 15 people or less are recommended. Hopefully in Phase III, that number will rise, perhaps up to 50 people. In the meantime, Whipple Field and its caretakers are taking the necessary steps to play baseball and softball safely in Phase II. I visited the field yesterday morning and walked around the massive sports complex.

Located on each playing field, there is a clearly marked sign with safety instructions. The first statement says it all “Glad to have you back…We have a few new rules to keep our community healthy.” Caring, compliant, understanding the need to communicate a message clearly – all wonderful traits of a baseball and softball community that gets it. The directions are right to the point and easy to understand. 6 feet apart when possible, wash your hands, stay home if you are sick. And they included a QR scanner code that you can “scan” with your phone (requires QR Scanner app), which directs you to

Each field at Whipple looked amazing. The baseball and softball players of Smithfield will be walking onto to fields that have been maintained, groomed, cleaned, sanitized, and ready for the 2020 summer season. With proper signage located throughout Whipple Field, parents can read the guidelines required for safety. Or, they can download the bar code and be directed to to read more about Smithfield’s policies on public safety. Great work done here by the Town of Smithfield to get Whipple Field ready for baseball and softball players of all ages!!!

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