Rhode Island Baseball Fields Book End Ten Mile River Greenway Bike Path

The Ten Mile River Greenway Bike Path is a 3.1 mile stretch of nature located in the northern part of Rhode Island. It is a safe travel lane for bikes, walkers, joggers, and kids of all ages looking for recreation. And it is also a unique opportunity for the baseball fan to visit three Rhode Island Baseball communities located with 3 miles of each other. Here is what you can expect to see traveling on the Ten Mile River Greenway:

  1. Doreen Tomlinson Sports Complex, Daggett Ave – home of Pineview Little League, Pawtucket

Located off Daggett Ave in Pawtucket is this incredible sports complex – Doreen Tomlinson Sports Complex. This complex features a huge parking lot, “big field”, softball field, Pineview Little League Majors field, batting cages, so much open space for multi sports activities.

The Ten Mile River Greenway Bike Path entrance is in the back corner of the parking lot. It winds through neighborhoods and a wooded area along the Ten Mile River Reservation. About a mile down the path, you can exit the bike path into Slater Memorial Park.

2. Slater Memorial Park, Darlington American Little League, Pawtucket.

Slater Memorial Park has so many recreational opportunities, it would take several hundred blogs to cover them all. Located on the Newport Ave side of Slater Park is Darlington American Little League’s collection of fields. Softball, Tee Ball, Majors, Minors, Big Field – a field for just about any level of baseball or softball. Plenty of open spaces, plenty of parking, plenty of recreational options – Slater Memorial Park really has it all.

3. Kimberly Ann Rock Sports Complex, Rumford Little League, Rumford, RI

At the other book end of the Ten Mile River Greenway Bike Path is Kimberly Ann Rock Sports Fields and Rumford Little League. Rumford Little League Fields are about 2 miles from Slater Park on the bike path. This massive recreational area has several baseball fields for youth baseball. There is a plenty of parking and plenty of comfortable spaces to watch a baseball game.

Three incredible Rhode Island baseball communities connected by the Ten Mile River Greenway Bike path. Pineview Little League, Darlington American Little League, and Rumford Little League are all connected by this bike path. It is about a 3 mile stretch of nature that connects Pawtucket to Rumford and showcases a safe travel path for joggers, cyclists, and kids of all ages. And yet another example of how closely connected our Rhode Island baseball community is.

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