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RI 2020/2021 AAU Tryout Information – L&M Baseball

This past July I attended several games in the summer showcase event called Providence Slugfest. On one occasion, I made it up to Providence’s Central High School and the Providence Career & Technical Academy baseball field, which sits next to the school on Cranston St. I was minding my own business, as I typically do, snapping photos and chatting occasionally with fans. I circled around the field and wound up behind home plate. I said hello to a few fans behind home plate as I was taking photos. One of the fans said “hey, get right up next to the back stop so you can take a close up photo.” I thanked him and introduced myself to him. He introduced himself as Idris Liasu, the founder and program director of L&M Baseball.

Idris and I chatted for awhile about baseball, RI sports, and watched as his L&M 15U club played in the game in front of us. Idris is a great conversationalist and we joked and shared stories sitting in the shaded area behind home plate. I grabbed his card on my way out to catch more Providence Slugfest games and promised to follow up with him to learn more about L&M. Great guy and great baseball resource – Idris Liasu.

This week I received an email from Erik Nunes, L&M Director of Operations regarding upcoming tryouts and what it means to play for L&M. Here is more from Erik Nunes:

Thanks for your interest in learning a bit about our program here at L&M.  My name is Erik Nunes and I work with Idris as the Director of Operations for the program. We are going to be holding our tryouts this coming Sunday at Tucker Field in Cumberland – we are excited to have our first full organizational tryout going, with tryouts for all of our teams (9U-18U) going on throughout the day.

Playing for L&M means that you are a player willing to embrace the grind – that you love the game of baseball and you are going to do everything that you can to extract every bit of ability to help improve your game.  Our players are coached up to master their baseball fundamentals, grow confidence in themselves and emphasize good habits both on the field and in the classroom. Parents of players who come into our program can expect to see a dedicated program that will work just as hard as their child and will do everything possible to help support the growth and development of the player.  Parents also experience that their son is part of the organization, not just part of a team.  We pride ourselves on having our players work out together across age groups and build a “Family feel” within our program and build camaraderie amongst our players.  

Finally, parents will experience a program invested in their child’s long-term development, not short-term success.  We truly believe in preparing our players for their future and using every situation as a teaching moment – we don’t look to make shortcuts for short-term success if it is going to compromise a player’s long-term development.”

For more information on tryout times and schedules, visit L&M Baseball online at Or check them out on social media as they post often about games, players, showcase events, tournament updates, and much more. Good luck to all the players and families trying out for L&M Baseball. Thanks to Erik Nunes for the great information as well as tryout information for L&M.

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