This past Sunday, I decided to explore the many splendid baseball fields of Tiverton, Rhode Island. Tiverton is a very unique town located just over the border of Massachusetts from the north and along with Little Compton, is the furthest east you can travel to here in Rhode Island. Actually, in order to get to Tiverton, you have to either cross the Sakonnet River Bridge or travel down through Massachusetts. Only in Rhode Island would you have to travel out of state to get to a town in your own state. But I have to tell you, it is well worth the trip.

I have been to the Tiverton Little League Park on Main Rd on a few occasions. The last time I visited was this spring, right around the time leagues were suspending play due to the Covid-19 restrictions placed by the State of Rhode Island. My wife and I have visited the Tiverton and Little Compton area a number of times and we just love the stone walls, the ocean views, the farms, the landscape, and the peacefulness. And Sunday was no exception.

For those of you familiar with the old and unused flag pole at Town Farm, we have some awesome news for you. Mr. Leslie Haworth, a friend of TLL President David Paull, offered to donate a 25′ flag pole and flag. Mr Haworth is a Little Compton, and part time Tiverton, resident and recently retired from his business, Atlantic Flag and Banner out of East Providence. The flag pole was picked up last month and delivered to the Department of Public Works garage. Yesterday a crew from DPW made quick work of removing the old and smaller flag pole and installing the new flag pole. The next step is the installation of a cleat to secure the halyard before the Stars and Stripes can overshadow Town Farm. The flag will fly 24/7 as there is a light on the nearby telephone pole that is directed at the flag. Tiverton Little League wishes to publicly thank Mr. Haworth for this tremendous donation to our community. We also wish to thank the crew from DPW that installed the new 25′ flag pole with such care and efficiency.

I always enjoy my time in Tiverton, RI. It is such a unique town to visit and experience a leisurely day stopping in at coastal destinations, quaint antique stores, and of course baseball fields. Just passed Tiverton Four Corners, Gray’s Ice Cream on Main Road is a little street called Peaceful Way. And I would say that Tiverton has a very peaceful way about it.