Rhode Island Indoor Sports Facilities To Close Temporarily Starting Monday

According to the Boston Globe, regarding a recent press conference by the Governor of Rhode Island, “Spectators are banned from youth sports for the next two weeks. A third of the youth sports cases have been associated with hockey, so rinks and indoor sports facilities will be closed for a week, starting Monday. The state will work with owners of the facilities to develop new requirements to prevent spread of COVID-19.

To all the Rhode Island baseball community members who own, coach at, take batting practice at, work for, teach at, instruct at an indoor baseball facility: Anything I can do, once you are cleared to open, to promote your facility, I will. I have visited so many great facilities from Pawtucket to Coventry to Warwick to Warren to Cumberland to Exeter over the years. You all do great work and I look forward to you all re-opening very soon. Thank you for what you do for Rhode Island baseball!!!

Here is a list of the outstanding sports conditioning and baseball facilities I have visited here in Rhode Island. If there are other facilities that I have missed, send me a message with that location’s information. And my pledge, once these restrictions are lifted, is to visit, photograph, and document all the great work being done safely at our indoor baseball and sports complexes going forward.

XLR Batting Cages & Training Center, Warwick
ATC Baseball Facility, Pawtucket
365Sports, Warren
Moe Joe Baseball, Coventry
HOPS Athletic Performance, Coventry
SnapDragon Baseball, Exeter
GLG Athletic Performance
Rhode Island Baseball Institute, Warwick
Upper Deck Baseball, Cumberland
All About Sports, North Smithfield
KR Baseball Facility, Lincoln
Mohawk Movement, Warwick

As a community, we have orchestrated successful baseball seasons, enriched the lives of so many players, and worked feverishly to keep our baseball family safe. We will get through this and when we do, I want to be there for you all to document your great work here in the Rhode Island Baseball Community.

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