An Election Day Visit to Warwick Continental American and Founders Field

As I am writing this blog, we still do not know the outcome of the 2020 National Election and some of the local Rhode Island Elections. Votes are still being counted, perhaps the one you filled out or the one I filled out. Yes, I voted yesterday morning at my local polling place at Wickford Middle School. After voting, I wanted to do something American that our Founders would definitely approve of!

So, after casting my vote for local, state, and national candidates and important civic issues, I decided to stay patriotic and visit Warwick Continental American and Founders Field. Many of us refer to the fields behind the Crowne Plaza in Warwick as the Crowne Plaza fields. However, the two fields located there are actually called Founders Field and D’Abrosca Field. Founders Field, according to the plaque on the wall behind the field, is dedicated to Stanley J. Gray, Ella Kampper, and Walter Kampper. D’Abrosca Field is dedicated to Lou “Coach D” D’Abrosca, who according to the plaque dedicated “40 years as a coach, treasurer, and friend” and was “a Little League Legend.”

Founders Field is the field many of us see on Route 95 North heading to work, sporting events, family functions, the airport, just to name a few destinations. D’Abrosca Field is the field just to the left of Founders Field. Both fields feature batting cages and warmup areas for pitchers. There is plenty of seating for both fields and a huge concession stand to support both fields and their players, coaches, and fans. The fields are always in fantastic shape, no matter what season you visit.

Walking around D’Abrosca Field, I picked up a Tee Ball in left field and a game baseball in right field. As I walked around the field, I found the ball return slot just behind home plate and deposited both baseballs for the next player and coach to use.

Great visit to Founders Field, D’Abrosca Field, and the Warwick Continental American Little League complex behind the Crowne Plaza in Warwick. It is so amazing to drive by these fields, see them in excellent condition year round, and of course see them with tons of players, families, and community members enjoying the game of baseball in Warwick.

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