News And Notes From Westerly National Little League Field Day

November, like most of 2020, has proven to be unpredictable in many ways. This includes the record breaking temperatures we experienced this past weekend. Temperature readings of 70° and higher are “normally” reserved for Spring and Summer, but not in 2020. The end result – Ideal weather for baseball leagues to successfully host Field Day closings around Rhode Island.

On Sunday afternoon, I received a uplifting message from Art Burton of Westerly National Little League. Westerly National has so many amazing baseball and softball fields located at Trombino and Cimalore Fields for their youth sports community. They have an incredible community of volunteers and dedicated parents who love baseball and softball. I have coached against Westerly for years and always enjoy the compeition with Westerly teams. This weekend, WNLL hosted their annual Field Day closing event to safely close their roster of fields, remove and protect batting cage nettings and structures, and get the fields prepped for Spring time activities. Here is more from Art along with some photos from their Facebook page – Westerly National Little League.

“Good evening Noel. I hope all is well. Just wanted to let you know that WNLL is already gearing up for 2021 and we are moving forward with 50/70! We started phase one with cutting out our softball field and getting it ready. Next phase is getting the dirt and spreading it out. Please 3 will be moving irrigation and sinking the anchors. Lastly we will be getting a high grade portable pitching mound so we can accommodate Majors, Softball, and 50/70 games!”

 Thanks Art for the update and I look forward to seeing great things happening down in Westerly National Little League for 2021. And thank you to all the volunteers (young and older) who helped out Westerly and their new 50/70 field, set to open in the Spring of 2021!!!

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