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Starting this week, temperatures here in Rhode Island have started to plummet into the 20’s and teens. Many baseball fields around the Ocean State have closed up for the winter – tarps are on the field, gates/access doors are locked, signs reading “See you next year.” With so many baseball players, leagues, and organizations now shifting to indoor activities, families need assurance that the facility they enter will be safe and following state protocols.

I recently visited Won Sports Inc., a massive indoor training facility located right off Route 6 (Fall River Ave.) in Seekonk, MA. Won Sports is located on the grounds of the old Sherwood Ultra Sports Health Club. Joe Dutra, Operational Director, agreed to meet me at the facility and showcase the safety protocols in place as well as give me a tour of the fields and upstairs restaurant area. I arrived shortly before Joe and noticed safety signage right away in the lobby and front desk area. The sign said it all “we are doing all we can to keep our staff and customers safe.” Great first impression.

Greeting Joe, masks on of course, we walked the lobby to check out the signage and front desk area. He showed me the soccer, field hockey, football, and lacrosse field area, located to the right of the front desk. Also, that Performance Physical Therapy was on site. Joe then brought me out to the baseball and softball field area, which is located to the left of the front desk and lobby area. I opened the door to a massive indoor turf field with tons of netting and space. Joe pointed out the pitching mounds, L-Screens, pitching machines – all stored after cleaning along the perimeter of the field. Also that Won Sports had recently installed brand new nets within the past year.

I was blown away by the space and the potential for teams to take full advantage. Joe said that in the cages/netting areas, real baseballs can be pitched, hit, and thrown. If a team is running a defensive practice, ground balls using real baseballs are allowed. However, no pop-ups or fly balls or hitting real baseballs in the open area, as Joe pointed up towards the ceiling to show me the ceiling fans. “They can use those rubber or squishy baseballs in here for hitting, just no real baseballs,” mentioned Joe. The entire field was clean, well ventilated, well lit, netting everywhere. The nets were retractable to allow for individual hitting or pitching cages to be created. Joe mentioned that the teams that rent space at Won Sports really love the open space format. I asked how many he can accommodate in the facility, per the state’s guidelines. “25 per pod,” showing me the large netting area that cut the field in half. “I can have up to 2 pods working at the same time because of the square footage in this area. However, if the net is not drawn, I can only have 25 people in the entire field. So, we can draw the net to cut the field in two sections. That way 2 teams of 25 can safely practice at the same time here.”

Joe and I talked about how Covid-19 had changed some of his facility’s protocols. “First things, everyone wears a mask. It is mandatory. All the time,” started Joe. “We sanitize the equipment, the fields, the restrooms constantly. This is not a new policy, but we are being extra clean these days.” Joe went on to mention that players come into the facility, are checked in at the desk, enter the playing field (baseball or multi-sport field), and then exit outside from the field area. “We don’t have players going back into the lobby. When they are done with their practice or rental or class, they exit through those doors,” mentioned Joe as he pointed to exit doors along the fields perimeter. “Oh, and no parents are allowed inside the field area. They can watch from up there,” said Joe as he pointed to a second floor viewing area, which is where we headed next.

A short walk upstairs and into the restaurant and function section of the facility and I was staring right out on the field below. The tables were all properly distanced apart, there was a fireplace in the corner, tons of TVS hanging. “We have two TVs,” as Joe pointed out “that live stream the action on the fields. This way parents can safely watch their son or daughter practice while relaxing up here. We have used this area for fundraising meetings, conferences, and other networking events in the past.” As it was downstairs, in the lobby, on the field, the restaurant area was spotless, well lit, and very inviting. “The restaurant and the function room has its own set of state guidelines, but as a facility we want families to have a safe and enjoyable experience – no matter where they land here at Won Sports.” And with that, Joe and I ended the tour.

As I was leaving, Joe handed me a flyer for an upcoming promotion he is running. Won Sports Batting Club is a membership program with a ton of great benefits and Joe is running a special promotion now until November 27th. Hit off a pitching machine, rent a cage, get some swings in this off season. For more information on the Batting Club at Won Sports, click on this link – Won Sports Batting Club. Or you can contact Joe directly at 508-336-6565 to discuss this program or other rental options at Won Sports.

Won Sports in Seekonk is a tremendous resource for baseball and softball players, coaches, leagues, organizations and families. Whether you live in East Bay or East Providence or East Greenwich, it is easy to get to and there is plenty of parking. The facility is super clean, well lit, well ventilated, spacious, and did I say clean! Joe was fantastic showing me around the front desk and lobby, the two incredible indoor turf fields, the restaurant, and informing me about all of Won Sport’s safety procedures. I was really impressed with this incredible baseball resource and look forward to my next visits there to Won Sports. For more information on Won Sports, here is how you can connect with them.

Joe Dutra, Operational Director – 508-336-6565 ext 1;

Website –

Facebook – Won Sports, Inc.

Batting Club Promotion – Batting Club Offer

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