Scenes from the Ball Park – The Pigtails Vs The Pigsties

Blame it on the situational baserunning drill that extended practice for one team by close to 15 minutes. Blame it on an eager team arriving early to the baseball field for their practice. Blame it on their ages, their immaturity, their egos as great baseball players. Blame it on whatever your heart desires. The facts remain – two teams met on opposite sides of the fence that day. Two teams jawing at each other that they were better than the other. Two sets of coaches, one closing up practice and one arriving to start practice watching from the sidelines focused on their own tasks. Two sets of parents (one picking up and the other dropping off) closing in on the debate on the field as it started to intensify. And one player who had the bright idea to settle the score the old fashioned way – on the field.

This the untold story of the Pigtails vs the Pigsties. The matchup featured Rhode Island’s best girls baseball team, The Redwings, who were scheduled to head to Virginia Beach, VA to play in a National Tournament in August for girls baseball players ages 12 and under. And, the recently crowned Rhode Island Hammerheads 12U boys travel team fresh off a hugely successful run in the prestigious New England Showcase Invitational. Both teams equally stocked with talented baseball players. Each team was equally stocked with former collegiate and professional baseball players as managers. Both teams struck fear into their opponents. Both teams played every out as if it were the last, ran out every ground ball, dove into the stands for foul balls, and played with an intensity unmatched by anyone in their respective leagues. And perhaps, had never met an opponent that mirrored them so perfectly in all their years playing competitively.

The challenge was uttered. The challenge was accepted. The time and place were set. All that was left for each team was to show up and play baseball. The Girls vs The Boys, or as Suzie Burns dubbed it as she flipped her bag of catcher’s gear over her shoulder departing the field – “The Pigtails vs The Pigsties.”

To be continued…

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