Coventry’s Moe Joe Baseball Academy Instructors Build Champions On and Off The Field

Moe Joe Baseball Academy is located 62 Sawyer Drive in Coventry. If you are familiar with Paine Field on Route 117, and many of us are here in Rhode Island Baseball, Sawyer Drive is just a short drive past it on the left hand side of the road. Follow Sawyer all the way to the end of the street and you will find Moe Joe’s parking lot. As with all facilities I visit, I contacted Moe Joe’s John Fretts ahead of arriving this weekend to check availability. I would also encourage any parent, team, player to contact a facility ahead of arriving, especially if it is your first visit. Every facility has safety protocols and visitor requirements, it is better to call ahead to make sure you will be allowed into a facility.

John and I have coached against each other for years in Rhode Island Little League’s District 3. John for Coventry Little League vs myself for North Kingstown Wickford. John has also been active with Moe Joe Baseball since its inception some 5 years ago. In the winter of 2018, John invited me to visit Moe Joe Baseball Academy and I stopped by to take some photos and chat with John about his vision for the facility. Here are a few shots of that visit back in December of 2018:

John and I connected recently when I was working on a story on Coventry’s Leah Lapham (The RIBBE Meets The Lapham Family of Coventry Baseball) and I asked him about stopping by Moe Joe. He mentioned that the facility had been upgraded and so I was eager to stop by. When I walked into the facility, there is a sign in sheet and sanitizing station. Moe Joe’s logo with the word “Stop” got my attention for sure.

Entering to the right, I walked in and immediately noticed a ton of upgrades. The waiting area is now much larger, has indoor turf, bleacher seating, and a great view of the baseball training area. To the right of the bleachers is a strength training area with squat rack, free weights, plyometric boxes, pull-up station, kettlebells, and workout bands. Just above the fitness area is a row of championship trophies Moe Joe Baseball has won over the last 5 years.

When I arrived, the Coventry Crush Softball team was just finishing up their indoor practice time. I waited until their coaches and players departed the training area to go inside and take photos. Once inside, I could see that the facility now had a larger, 4 section cage set up as well a 5th section for warmups, conditioning or individual work. Home plate batting mats, portable pitching mounds, L-Screens, pitching machines, protective netting on all sides – all positioned nicely throughout the facility. The entire facility was clean, well lit, easy to enter/exit, well maintained, and definitely well stocked with baseball and softball equipment.

It was great to see the facility and how it has evolved over the past few years. From my vantage point, green painted walls, new indoor facility design with fitness center are just some of the great upgrades John was referring to in his email. Moe Joe Baseball Academy is a clean facility with great lighting and is a safe building to enter with sign-in and sanitizing station right at the entrance. It is easy to access baseball and softball training areas and has tons of great baseball and softball equipment on hand. Their website – www.moejoebaseballacademy – has information about Moe Joe Baseball Club, an AAU Baseball club and how you can get involved. In addition, the website introduces you to some of the instructors who coach at Moe Joe, its hours of operations, and how you can book cage time for your player or team. It was an awesome visit to see the new and upgraded Moe Joe Baseball Academy. And here is how you can connect with them:

Website –

Facebook – Moe Joe Baseball

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