I am very excited about the early buzz for this Mother’s Day charity book I am working on. You can read more about it here – ISO Baseball Stories Written By Rhode Island Baseball Moms For A Mother’s Day Charity Book – and as of this morning I have already received a few really cool stories. Keep them coming, the more the merrier!!! I was thinking about my mom and I recall a Mother’s Day post I wrote in a local paper that I was freelancing at some 20 plus years ago. I wasn’t making a ton of money and just decided to write my Mom a story or poem for Mother’s Day. I sent it to her and she had it framed. It remains hanging in her hallway to this day and I wanted to share it with you. This is just one of the many inspirations I have for this Cool Baseball Mom book:

My mom and I at the NK Food Pantry, where she volunteers
My son Harrison and I at Wilson Park, North Kingstown

I look forward to reading all the great baseball Mom stories, compiling a really special book for Mother’s Day, 2021. And giving a local charity a nice donation on behalf of my awesome Rhode Island Baseball community members!!!