Rhode Island Baseball Players Joining Teams in NECBL For Summer Baseball

The sun is shining, the temperature is above freezing, the melting has started, and fields around Rhode Island are thawing out from a very busy winter season. However, as of today, February 25, here in Rhode Island, we are not out of the winter woods yet. Just when you dust off that road bike, catcher’s equipment, and call the pool company in excited anticipation of the summer months, Old Man Winter throws a nasty 12-6 curveball and hits us with a gigantic winter pitch. Come on, don’t crush the messenger, you know it is true!!!

So, in excited anticipation of summer baseball here in the Ocean State, I took a look at the official website of the New England Collegiate Baseball League. I wanted to see if any rosters were updated, schedules were posted, or any positive news about the 2021 season was published. Overall, the website’s pages are optimistic and the general feeling of a 2021 summer baseball season is promising. As I looked through the team pages, I read that several Rhode Island baseball players are scheduled to play in the NECBL this summer. Here is the list of players I found and the teams they will be playing for this summer:

As more Rhode Island players join teams from the New England Collegiate Baseball League, I will update you on this site and my social media pages. Good luck to these Rhode Island players in their current collegiate baseball season and best wishes this summer in the NECBL. Wow, I really hope there is summer baseball here in Rhode Island this year!!!

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