This Summer, Catch A Cape Cod Baseball League Game

This past weekend, as the temperatures dipped into the 20s and as layers of ice were still covering parts of my lawn, I caught the movie “Summer Catch.” For those of you who haven’t seen or heard of this movie, “Summer Catch” is a 2001 romantic comedy/baseball film based on the Chatman A’s(Anglers) of the famous Cape Cod Baseball League. The film includes baseball scenes (majority were not filmed on the Cape), a budding (fairly predictable) relationship filled with drama, a local Cape Cod kid who is chasing his dream of becoming a pro baseball player, and what Hollywood would like you to fantasize as life during the Cape Cod Baseball League season for a Cape Cod League player. To be fair and not having played in the Cape League, I wouldn’t truly know 100% if this film accurately depicts reality. But… I’m going to guess that it falls short, like a 45 foot curveball at Veterans Field, home of the Chatham A’s.

Watching “Summer Catch” did spark my interest in looking up what was happening with the 2021 Cape Cod League Baseball (CCBL) season. April 24, 2020 was the day an announcement was posted regarding the cancellation of the Summer, 2020 CCBL season. In a statement, the league stated that “it would be impossible to guarantee the safety of players, coaches, umpires, host families, volunteers and fans during this unprecedented health crisis.” Throughout the summer of 2020 and into the fall, the CCBL posted positive messages, wrote about former players who are now thriving in Major League baseball, discussed the draft, compiled All-Time teams, and kept its fans hopeful for a 2021 season. They even announced the schedule of games for this summer:

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The past few summers, I have interviewed a number of Rhode Island born baseball players who have played in the Cape Cod Baseball League. Mike Webb, Gian Martellini, and Caleb Wurster are some recent players I have interviewed. Riverside’s Ben Sears pitched briefly for Orleans in the Summer of 2019 as well. And I predict that many talented Rhode Island baseball players will continue to make their presence known every summer in this prestigious baseball league.

Here are a few photo galleries of Cape Cod League games I attended over the past few years:

As the collegiate baseball season unfolds, the Cape Cod Baseball League will begin to announce rosters of players for each team. As in the past, if there are Rhode Island players competing this summer in the CCBL, I will share that news. I look forward to going to the actual Veterans Field in Chatham this Summer to Catch a fantastic Cape Cod Baseball League game. If you would like to learn more about the Cape Cod Baseball League, visit

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