The RIBBE Gets A Baseball Education From OPT’s Bert Reid

You think you know a lot of about baseball or pitching or Rhode Island sports, and then you meet Bert Reid. I had the great fortune today to sit down with Bert, who is one of Rhode Island’s most respected Physical Therapists. I sat and listened to Bert speak uber-intelligently on a wide range of topics about baseball, pitching, injury prevention, and path to recovery. We exchanged names and teams and places that were common to each of our histories in and around Rhode Island baseball. And Bert referenced the basis and foundation of how he works with patients. It is this foundation that I will be writing about in the months to come.

Bert Reid has met with, attended conferences with, and been schooled by some of the top orthopedic minds in all of Sports Medicine. Names like Dr. James Andrews and Dr. Ben Kibler, just to name a few, as well as their evidence based research on performance evaluation, injury prevention, and recovery methods flood the Wakefield office of OPT. Reid quotes their work as if he were a fan quoting stats from the 1986 New York Mets, and they help lay the groundwork for how he treats his patients and gets them safely back on their playing field of choice. Bert has been helping Rhode Island athletes for close to thirty years and his passion for improving the health of an athlete is palpable. We only had limited time today, but I am very excited to be working with OPT and Bert Reid on future articles on baseball as well as other important sport medical articles for players of all ages, but especially youth baseball players.

As Bert left our meeting to continuing seeing patients, I took a brief tour of his Wakefield office and snapped a few photos of players and teams he has worked with over the years.

Stay tuned for these highly informative articles featuring OPT’s Bert Reid in the coming weeks. And if you would like to learn more about OPT Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, here is Bert’s business card and how to contact OPT.

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