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For years, Rhode Island baseball organizations have turned to the GameChanger app to keep score during games. Some organizations use both traditional scorebook type scoring with pencil and paper as well as the GameChanger app. For the modern baseball family where technology rules, GameChanger is an incredible baseball resource for scoring games, recording stats, validating pitch counts, and providing game recaps. For those of you unfamiliar with the app and according to their website, GameChanger is “a technology company that builds simple and powerful products for youth sports teams and their communities. GameChanger’s mobile app and website provide scorekeeping, stats, Live GameStreams, and recap stories to thousands of baseball, softball and basketball teams and their fans.

Throughout the busy Rhode Island baseball schedule of games, I have been lucky to have fans of teams send me game recaps. AAU Tournaments, District All-Stars, State Tournament games – so many games to get to and sometimes all happening on a single weekend, sometimes at the same time. The solution for me has always been the GameChanger app. I can follow games, check scores, see live updates on a number of games at the same time. I would love to get to every game to watch live but the reality is one game at a time.

I was reading a post this morning on the GameChanger website. It stated that teams can invite scouts and members of the media to be a “fan” of their team. In becoming a “fan,” that person or media outlet can then gain access to your team’s progress, game recaps, even live streaming of games. This invite has worked great for me over the past few years and has allowed me to update the Rhode Island Baseball community on big time games, like the District All-Star Tournaments, Local and out of town AAU Tournament play, and for the past few years, the Rhode Island entry into the Little League World Series.

Here is a snapshot of the article and how you can invite me, the Rhode Island Baseball Experience, to be a “fan” of your team:

So, if you would like me to post scores, game recaps, and updates for your team this year, send me an invite. My email address is I will post your game recap within 24 hours of your game, more than likely the same day. If you have a stats page or video or photos that you would like me to post, I am happy to do that as well. Keep me in mind for all your Rhode Island Baseball game updates! I am looking forward to promoting your games and organization this year.

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