The RIBBE Visits Henry Kenyon Field, Home Of The Chariho Chargers

Chariho Regional High School’s Henry E. Kenyon Baseball Field is located off Switch Road in Wood River Junction, Rhode Island. From my house in North Kingstown, I took Ten Rod Road to Route 2, then took the side road to Shannock Hill Road, then Pine Hill Rd, then left onto Switch Road before spotting the baseball field across from a massive turf farm. It is the first time I have stepped onto Kenyon Field since I played there as a North Kingstown High School Skipper baseball player in the Spring of 1990.

The temperature was barely over the freezing mark when I arrived this morning. The front gate to the sports area (track oval, football field, baseball field) was open so I decided to head over to the baseball field and take some photos. Despite the cold temps, it was a really nice, sunny Spring morning there at Chariho High School. I walked around the baseball field and checked out the dugouts and press box area. Around the field, I could see some pending field and grounds projects in the works, as High School baseball is due to start around the first week of May.

Chariho, for those of you not from Rhode Island, is not actually a town or city in Rhode Island. It is an area that represents several communities in Southern Rhode Island – Charlestown, Richmond, Hopkinton. This area of Southern Rhode Island has some amazing landscape that ranges from beautiful beaches to gorgeous wooden areas, and impressive farms and agricultural areas. Just alone on my drive to Chariho this morning, I drove from the beach area of Wickford, through the wooden area of Exeter, and into the turf farms area of Wood River Junction. Nestled right there across from the turf farms and with the wooden backdrop that borders the high school is Kenyon Baseball Field.

Chariho Regional High School starts their 2021 season on the road this year at Mickey Stevens vs Toll Gate High School on May 7th. Their first home game at Kenyon is May 17th vs Central High School. I hope to catch a few of their games this Spring down at Kenyon. It was great talking a walk down memory lane this morning. Great field and great sports complex down there at Chariho Regional High School. Good luck Chargers Baseball players, coaches, and families this Spring!

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