Rhode Island Youth Baseball Leagues to Host Pitch, Hit, & Run Competitions

There are a number of Major League Baseball® Pitch, Hit & Run­™ competition happening in Rhode Island in the coming weeks. What is a Pitch, Hit & Run competition? According to the official website of the competition, www.mlb.com/pitch-hit-and-run, “a FREE, one-day event for boys and girls ages 7-14 (Competitors compete in four age groups: 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14. Age is determined as of July 17, 2021.) that is simple to host. PHR is the official skills competition of Major League Baseball® and can be hosted by any organization, league, civic group or set of volunteers in the community. A Host Kit is provided, and the competition is free of charge for participants and hosts. Participants compete in either the baseball or softball division and have the opportunity to advance through three levels of competition: Locals, Team Championships and the Finals during the World Series™.”

The Pitch portion of Pitch, Hit & Run involves a player throwing a baseball 45 feet from a target called the Strike Zone. Players have 6 throws from a pitcher’s mound or chalked area 45 feet from the target. Players score points for hitting any portion of the Strike Zone. At the end of their 6 throws, their points are tallied and recorded.

The Hit portion of Pitch, Hit & Run involves a player hitting a baseball off a batting tee. Simply put, the batter steps up to the tee, puts a good swing on the baseball, and attempts to hit the baseball as far as they can. The best hit of the three attempts is recorded as their score.

The Run portion of Pitch, Hit, & Run involves a player running 120 feet, or from 2nd base to home on a standard youth baseball field. Youth baseball field base paths are 60 feet apart, so a run from 2nd to home plate would be an ideal setup for this portion of the competition. Start at 2nd, touch 3rd, and sprint home. Your time will be recorded as your score for this portion of the competition.

There is a frequently asked question (FAQ) page on the Pitch, Hit, & Run website which explains a lot more about the competition, how you can sign up, the promotional kit you receive from MLB®, and much more. The Rhode Island youth leagues that I found during a search entitled “Find A Competition” are:

  • Apponaug Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth – Saturday May 1st – Jim Tweed; (401) 369-0395; jtweed77@cox.net
  • Coventry Little League – Saturday, April 24th – Raena Blumenthal; (401) 822-9107; rblumenthal@coventryri.org
  • Block Island Recreation – Saturday May 1st – David Sniffen ; (401) 466-3223; recreation@new-shoreham.com
  • North Providence Little League – Sunday, May 2nd – Sal Piccirillo; (401) 767-6225; hoyas96@msn.com
  • Portsmouth Little League – Saturday, April 24th – Robert Campion; (401) 297-7112; campionpllvp@gmail.com
  • Narragansett Little League – Saturday, May 1st – Tyler Hoxsie ; (401) 793-0833; thoxsie@narragansettri.gov

You can search by date, zip code, or program name to find a competition in your area. I have included the contact names and information for the leagues and locations that I found on my Rhode Island search. It is best to contact these individuals directly to learn more about field locations, times of the competitions, safety procedures, and how you can sign up your youth baseball player.

Good luck to all the players participating in these Rhode Island based MLB® Pitch, Hit & Run™ competitions this Spring. And feel free to share any photos, videos, and/or results with me so I can post to my social media pages.

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