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I love talking baseball and good practices with OPT Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine’s Bert Reid. Bert and his staff have began working with Rhode Island High School baseball players in his various offices throughout Rhode Island over the off season. And more recently, Bert mentioned that he has been on the field working with Pitchers on their arm care. Specifically, Bert mentioned that he had been assisting programs from Middletown, Narragansett, and Portsmouth. He sent me a cut sheet of the warm-ups, dynamic movements, and stretches that he and his staff have been recommending to these student-athletes. I am so thrilled to share this important information with you.

The following photos and descriptions provided are courtesy of Bert Reid and OPT Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine. Here is a snapshot of OPT’s “Baseball Pitcher’s Arm Care” program:

Hangs X 3: Hang onto fence or object overhead; move hips (30 seconds each )

  1. forward and backward
  2. side to side
  3. rotate

Scarecrow Position – Shoulder IR (Internal Rotation) – Use hip driver as (above photo) 3-way, forward/back, side to side, and left/right rotation.

Side lying Internal Rotation – Shoulder out at a 90° angle. Press down until a stretch is felt.

Pec (Pectoral Muscle) Stretch – 1. Move forward and back. 2. Rotate. Do each stretch 10 times.

Reverse Throw using Tubing – Emphasize weight shift forward onto landing leg on the way down. Then, shift weight back onto drive leg with arm as extended as possible and with full extension.

Quick External Rotation – Position tubing at the waist. Shift weight and rotate hips from load leg to lead leg. Emphasize shoulder/scapula retraction (back) and protraction (forward). Player should be moving in a rapid motion during this movement.

Scapular Press with Tubing – Emphasize scapular maximum retraction and maximum protraction with less core and truck weight shift. This movement should be done rapidly for scapular focus and conditioning.

Pitcher’s Crossover Row with Hip Internal Rotation – Emphasize balance and hands/knee rotation to drive hip stability during this movement/exercise.

Special thanks, once again, to Bert Reid of OPT Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine. Bert is a fantastic resource for The Rhode Island Baseball Experience and the entire Rhode Island baseball community. If you have any questions about the stretches and/or movements in this article, here is the contact information for Bert Reid:

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