Rhode Island Men’s Senior Baseball League Plays Hard Ball Starting May 19

According to their website, The Rhode Island Men’s Senior Baseball League (RISMBL) is “the largest amateur baseball league in Rhode Island with 3 age divisions (30+ 40+ 50+). RIMSBL is an opportunity to shout out loud that classic quote “Age is Just a Number,” while you pitch, hit, run, catch, maybe steal a base, and play baseball well after your high school, collegiate, or perhaps professional baseball career has ended. I have coached against many Little League coaches who continue to play into their 40s and 50s, simply because they love the game of baseball and how the game of baseball makes them feel – Like a Kid again!!!

Over the past few years, I have connected with Frank Ribezzo, who is the commissioner of the RISMBL, as well as attended a few games. Frank and I had a conversation through email this week about the league and its upcoming season.

RIBBE – Frank, great to talk to you. Tell me what’s happening in 2021 with RIMSBL.

FRANK – Thank you for your continued support of our league.  I can tell you that our 32nd season opens up on May 19th.  The regular season should be over around September 13th with playoffs through mid October.

RIBBE – So, you have 3 divisions. How many teams are actually in the league?

FRANK – We have been able to expand to 21 teams across three age divisions this year.  8 in the 30 division, 7 in the 40’s and 6 in the 50’s.

RIBBE – I was able to catch a game last year at Cranston West’s Baseball Field. Where else does RIMSBL play league games?

FRANK – We are back at RIC this year after losing it due to covid last year. We’ve got a bunch of games at Pierce, Sprague, Cranston Stadium, Lischio, Macomber Stadium and Johnston Memorial Park, just to name a few.

RIBBE – Are you rosters full? What if a 30, 40, or 50 year old baseball player was eager to play in RIMSBL?

FRANK – We’re also still able to place new players who are interested in playing.

Always great catching up with Frank of the Rhode Island Men’s Senior Baseball League. They have an outstanding video on their Facebook page that you have to see which showcases what playing in the RIMSBL is all about. If you are interested in going to a game, playing in the league, or supporting a player in the league, you can click on this link – RIMSBL – to be directed to their website. Their website has team information, field locations, player rosters, a message board, and so much more. And their Facebook page is Rhode Island Men’s Senior Baseball League. Good luck to all the players participating in the 2021 season of the Rhode Island Men’s Senior Baseball League.

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