A Morning Visit to Narragansett’s Christofaro Memorial Park and Baseball Field

The Domenic H. Christofaro Memorial Park is located in Narragansett off Boston Neck Rd. From my home in North Kingstown, it is a short drive through Wickford Village, passed North Kingstown High School, the on ramps to Jamestown and Newport, passed Casey Farm on your right, and just before you reach the Bonnet Shores section of Narragansett. Over the years of living in South County, I have biked passed Christofaro and could never see the park’s beauty from the street. Christofaro’s baseball, soccer, tennis, and basketball facilities are out of sight from Boston Neck Rd, but once you drive down its driveway, you can see everything in plain sight.

The baseball field at Christofaro is located just passed the playground area and the parking lot which next to the service station and tennis courts. As you walk down from the parking area, you can see the basketball courts to your left. As you approach the baseball field, you can see the soccer field down the hill a bit farther. Christofaro has just about every type of field covered.

The baseball field is a youth baseball size field (46/60 dimensions). There are lights at Christofaro, although I have never attended a night game there. As with many light towers here in Rhode Island, a massive bird’s nest was build in the one just behind the third base dugout. There was plenty of open space along the first and third base lines. The area behind home plate sloped downward, so I’m not sure how fans sit behind home plate. Perhaps they just stand for the game?

The field was in really good shape. The infield dirt was groomed. Bases were laid in place. The grounds around the field were clean. There was safety signage on both sides of the field, one set in right field, the other around the 3rd base area of fencing. It was very quiet at the park when I arrive this morning. In fact, there was only a Town of Narragansett vehicle and one other car in the entire park besides myself. I walked around the outfield perimeter to get some photos as well.

My sister and her family are very active in the Narragansett sports community and spend a lot of time at Christofaro. Whether it is a baseball game, tennis match, soccer or basketball game, Christofaro has the fields and facilities to handle it. It is easy to find and there is plenty of parking. I had a great visit to Domenic Christofaro Memorial Park and hope to catch a baseball game there this year!

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