George Donnelly Sunset League Updates – Hall of Fame, Playoffs, and All Star Game

I recently caught up with Chris LaRose, the commissioner of the George Donnelly Sunset League (GDSL). The GDSL season is in full swing and there is a lot happening with the league this summer and in 2021. Here are a few announcements Chris made via email this past week:

  • The Hall of Fame Class of 2021 has been announced. Ron Goode and Steve MacManus are the newest members of the George Donnelly Sunset League Hall of Fame. Congrats to Ron and Steve. Chris wrote “The actual festivities will hopefully take place earlier than we have done it in the past. I am hoping for a late November early December date. That will be announced shortly. Fans and past players are always welcome to attend. Since we first started the event, it has gained in popularity. We did miss last year due to Covid-19, but hopefully we have a good bounce back event.” Click on this link – GDSL Facebook – to read more about Ron and Steve’s HOF announcement.
  • On August 22, the GDSL will travel to Dodd Stadium to play an All Star Game vs the Greater Hartford Twilight Baseball League (GHTBL). According to Chris, “The GHTBL is the Greater Hartford Twilight Baseball League. They are one of the older leagues still around, not quite as old as us.  Rosters for that game will be set about a week before the game is to be played. I will be getting nominations from the managers in the next few days and then it is set to go.” Read more about this All Star Game by clicking this link – GDSL vs GHTBL.
  • With the regular season winding down, it is time to think GDSL Playoffs. Here is Chris, “If mother nature avoids us, playoffs are slated to start Friday the 13th of August and go through until the ASG.” Games schedules can be found by clicking this link – GDSL Games.
  • And finally, if you haven’t seen the news, former MLB Pitcher Dave Robertson made an appearance this summer with Westcott. Here is the post from GDSL’s Facebook page – “Yesterday, former MLB pitcher, David Robertson took the mound for Westcott Properties to face R&R Construction. Robertson came in and threw two great innings for Westcott! Robertson was drafted by the New York Yankees in 2006 and continued his career in the MLB until 2019 where he finished with the Phillies. He recorded 880 strike outs and had a career 2.90 ERA. So what brought him to the sunset league? Robertson needed to get work in because he is currently training to get ready to play for Team USA this summer. Best of luck to you, David Robertson, and the rest of Team USA!!”

For more information on the George Donnelly Sunset League, go to their official website – Or follow them on social media by searching “George Donnelly Sunset League.” I am looking forward to playoff time in Newport and also hearing more about the All Star Game and Hall of Fame dinner!!! Stay tuned for more information on a Rhode Island baseball tradition every summer, the George Donnelly Sunset League.

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