George Donnelly Sunset League Championship Game Tonight – Westcott vs Rathskeller

George Donnelly Sunset League Champion Crowed Tonight

On the seasons page of the official website of The George Donnelly Sunset League, there is an open spot next to 2021. That spot will be filled in after tonight’s game featuring Westcott vs Rathskeller. The game is scheduled for 7pm at historic Cardines Field, Newport. Each team has won 3 and lost 2 in the post season. Each team has scored 14 runs in the finals. It is just so close to call, you will have to go to the game to see how the final game plays out.

And if you missed any of the playoffs or would like to know who played for what team, I downloaded the playoff brochure via the GDSL website and here it is:

One more note about the George Donnelly Sunset League. Their All Star Game vs the Greater Hartford Twilight Baseball League was postponed last weekend due to the tropical storm Henri. On the GHTBL website, it shows that the game is scheduled to be played today, this afternoon Sunday August 29th at Dodd Stadium at 4pm. I am working to confirm that information and will post about it on my social media pages once I get more info.

As for tonight’s game, good luck to all the players, coaches, and families participating tonight. For a baseball league that has been in existence since 1919, you will be joining a historic roster of teams and players to lay claim to the title “George Donnelly Sunset League Champions.”

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