Indoor Baseball Update – Moe Joe Baseball Pitcher and Catcher Clinics

Moe Joe Baseball Academy is located at 62 Sawyer Dr. in Coventry, RI, just past Paine Field, home of Coventry Little League. It is an indoor training facility for baseball, softball, and off season conditioning for student athletes. Over the years of visiting Moe Joe Baseball Academy, I have seen individual workouts as well as entire teams in their facility. It is a fantastic resource for Rhode Island baseball players and teams. And just this past week, I received an email updating me on a upcoming clinic for Pitchers and Catchers. See the photo below for the program details.

To recap, Pitchers and Catchers 8 week program running from October 29th through December 17th. Pitchers will work with Daryl Pina, who is a Springfield College alum and has been with Moe Joe for 5 years running. Catchers will work with Matt Foley, a Rhode Island College alum who spent a few seasons in professional baseball with the Marlins, Braves, and Mets. Contact information for this Moe Joe Baseball program is Greg Riley and his email is

To learn more about Moe Joe Baseball, head over to their official website –

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