An Autumn Road Trip To Adamsville Baseball Field

Adamsville, Rhode Island is home to one of my favorite baseball fields to visit. The Adamsville Field with the Rhode Island Red plaque, the stone walls surrounding the field, the wooden benches, the great views from the stone stairs in center field – this field has so much character. I took the drive out yesterday, in close to 75° October weather, with the sunroof open, down those winding country roads in Tiverton to end up in Adamsville, Little Compton. Here are some photos from my visit.

Park at The Barn Restaurant and go have a fantastic breakfast or lunch. Then, walk across the street to the field.

Watch your step walking up these stone stairs into the field area. The Rhode Island Red plaque is just to the right of the Adamsville, Rhode Island sign.

Here is the first base dugout area – a wooden bench to rest your legs in between innings.

I love this view from behind home plate.

I found a shady spot in left field. The outfield perimeter is surrounded by trees and a stone wall.

Centerfield has a staircase leading to the house just past the field. One of the best fan spots to catch a game in all of Rhode Island.

Beyond the stone wall in right field, there is another building, perhaps a home or business. Another great view of the park!

The pitcher’s mound had a few footprints left over from a recent practice.

Walking in from the outfield, there is a batting cage on the grassy area just past the right field foul line.

Truly one of my favorite baseball fields to visit in Rhode Island is the Adamsville Field, home of Little Compton Little League. Plus, there are so many great small businesses, cafes and restaurants, and beautiful Rhode Island landscape to experience along the way from Route 24, through Tiverton to The Barn Restaurant parking lot. Definitely worth the drive and I was so psyched to take the drive to Adamsville on an incredible October morning and walk the grounds of the Adamsville Baseball Field.

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