8Unassisted – A New Video Series Explaining Baseball Terms Through Animation

As teams, players, and baseball moves indoors this Fall, I will be working on a new project called “8Unassisted.” “8Unassisted” is a series of explainer videos to help explain baseball teams, like 8-Unassisted. Here is an example of an explainer video, explaining what “8Unassisted” is…

I plan on focusing on baseball terms that you would hear at your local baseball field or training facility. Like “6-4-3,” which is a double play started by the shortstop (6) who throws to the 2nd baseman (4), who records an out, then throws to the 1st baseman (3) who records an out. Or “8-Uassisted” which is a double play started by the centerfielder (8) who catches a ball, then records a second out by tagging a base or tagging a runner.

Stay tuned for my new baseball explainer video series “8Unassisted” coming to a social media page near you this Fall!!!

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