8Unassisted Explains What A 5 Tool Player Means in Baseball Terms

What does the term “5 tool player” mean in baseball terms. A 5 tool player is an exceptional player who has excels at the plate, in the field defensively, on the base paths, and brings an All-Star quality of play every time they step onto a baseball field. In Major League baseball history, some examples of 5 tool players are Mike Trout, Willie Mays, Roberto Clemente, Mickey Mantle, and Mookie Betts. Game changing steals of 2nd base, a consistent hitter at the plate, someone who hits towering home runs game after game, can throw a runner out from deep right field stretching a single to a double, has a “cannon” for an arm. 5 tool players are “must see” players and here is my latest “8Unassisted” video to explain more about the 5 tool player:

Helping me to explain what “5 tool player” means in this video are:

  1. Matt Woods, Bryant University
  2. Leah Lapham, Coventry
  3. Finley Hohl, Snapdragon Baseball
  4. Anderson de los Santos, Atlanta Braves organization
  5. Gio Canales, Coppin State University

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