8Unassisted and Alfred Travieso Explain The 4K Inning

Baseball has so many interesting and sometimes unexplainable records and one of my favorite is this one. Question – “What is the Major League Baseball Record for strikeouts in one inning?” The answer – “4.” How is this possible? Check out the latest video in my “8Unassisted” series of baseball explainer videos, featuring RI’s Friendly Neighborhood Umpire – Alfred Travieso.

To sum up, if a pitcher strikes out the first two batters in an inning (leaving no one on base), and the third batter strikes out (via called third strike or swing and miss strike 3) and the catcher drops the ball or the ball gets by the catcher, and the batter takes off for first base and makes it safely, the pitcher must face a 4th batter in the inning. If the pitcher then strikes out that 4th batter, and the catcher holds onto the baseball, this becomes the 4th strikeout of the inning and the 3rd and final out of the inning. 4 strikeouts in one inning is a Major League Baseball record!!!

Stay tuned for more “8Unassisted” videos explaining some of baseball’s coolest records, strangest rules, and most interesting facts. Heading to a social media page near you very, very soon.

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