8Unassisted Answers The Question “What Is Exit Velocity”

Good Monday morning everyone. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday weekend. I’m back defining another baseball term in my “8Unassisted” series of explainer videos. This time, I answer the question “What is exit velocity?” Roll the tape…

Exit velocity is the speed at which the ball comes off the bat when you make contact. You hear the term around the baseball fields and indoor training centers of Rhode Island by coaches and players, on the Red Sox broadcast when Devers or Martinez hits a home run, and in the stands with scouts holding radar guns. Higher exit velocities don’t always equate to base hits or home runs, but they certainly don’t hurt a player’s chances either. Many analysts, coaches, and scouts pair exit velocity numbers with other metrics like launch angle and spin rate to determine how far a baseball traveled coming off a batter’s swing. Exit velocity is just one of the important metrics a coach, a scout, a player uses in this modern world of baseball analytics.

Stay tuned for more “8Unassisted” baseball explainer videos coming this winter from yours truly, the Rhode Island Baseball Experience. And if you need a list of Rhode Island baseball indoor facilities, please email me at ribaseballexperience@gmail.com.

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