Amateur Scouts Wanted To Profile Your 2022 Upcoming Rhode Island Baseball Experience

My I be the first of many to wish you and yours a very Happy and Healthy New Year. 2022 is starting off a bit overcast, 47 degrees here on January 1st. However, the future looks brighter and brighter for Rhode Island Baseball on so many levels – youth baseball, scholastic sports, collegiate ranks, and summer baseball leagues. The buzz coming out of Rhode Island baseball year after year is getting louder and louder and I can’t wait to write, publish, and share all of the amazing Rhode Island Baseball Experiences. A huge thank you and high five to everyone who viewed, retweeted, shared, and read my stories, posts, and messages in 2021. It was a record year for me viewership wise and I couldn’t be more proud of the opportunity to showcase players, coaches, teams, leagues, and Rhode Island Baseball communities!

In addition to covering Rhode Island Baseball Experiences for myself and others, one of the biggest draws to this website and my social media pages is player profiles. Via email, text, and phone conversations, I have been so blessed to meet and greet and interview some of Rhode Island’s best and brightest baseball players. Some are still active in college or the professional ranks. Others have migrated from baseball to a professional career. Others are still progressing in travel, AAU, showcase, or youth baseball recreation leagues. Quick side note, I was interviewed by the Standard Times in North Kingstown when I was a graduating senior and it was a huge thrill for me to see my face and name and interview answers in the paper! And now as a fan writing about baseball, I love reading the answers from these student athletes and professionals about their baseball journeys.

As a baseball fan, I was so thrilled to read the results of my 2021 Best of Rhode Island Baseball 21 Questions. I read familiar names and a few that I would love to learn more about. So, going forward I will be posting a contact form on my home page for player profiles. It will be a basic form with a few questions that you or your coach or your parent can fill out. Essentially, I am looking for amateur scouts to scout themselves, a coach to promote a deserving player looking to get some local press, and for that player to get some recognition on my website and social media pages. You can include a video, a photo, or a gallery of videos and photos or yourself or your player. You can include your/their current school or college program, their current travel, AAU, or showcase team, amateur league team, independent ball, whatever level of baseball they are playing at. And you can include where fans can follow them on social media. Here are a few points to consider:

  1. There is no charge for this service.
  2. The player must be from Rhode Island and can be playing at any level of baseball – youth, travel, scholastic, collegiate, amateur, girls and womens league, senior mens league.
  3. I post, share, publish, photograph, and attend games as a fan and that is how I write. Meaning I want to promote your baseball journey in a positive way.
  4. I have been blessed to meet and befriend and link up with thousands of Rhode Island baseball fans, including local Rhode Island collegiate coaches, travel and showcase coaches, professional scouts, and summer baseball league representatives. All of my posts get shared to sites where these fans frequent.
  5. I will not post or share anything negative or derogatory towards another coach, player, or organization. This is profile offer is to positively promote the game of baseball here in Rhode Island, not to tell me that a coach is this or a player is that negatively speaking.
  6. You can send me updates throughout the 2022 season to add to your profile, of which I will share on my website and social media pages.
  7. I will not share any personal information (email address) to anyone without your consent. If you do not wish to add your social media pages or links, that is 100% acceptable. Your privacy is very important to me, especially as a parent. If a party is interested in speaking with you, you can elect to direct me to your parent, your coach, or a teacher/Athletic Director instead.

All of the player profiles will be added to a new website page I am working on this month in preparation of the 2022 Season. Here is the contact form to start your player profile. It goes directly to my inbox and is not shared online until I, the sole writer and publisher of the site, do so!

Be honest, be as descriptive as you can about your/your player’s playing ability. List some of your/their recent player or team accomplishments. List a coaching or life mentor. This is your opportunity to engage the Rhode Island Baseball community about who your are and what fans can expect when they go see you play baseball. Include a photo or video or gallery of photos. I will be adding to your profile all year long, so if something cool happens along your journey, I will add it and share it with the Rhode Island Baseball Community.

Looking forward to another awesome year of Rhode Island Baseball Experiences!!!

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