Rhode Island Baseball Team Hats Needed For Exciting New Project

Rhode Island Baseball Community – College teams, High School, Middle School, AAU, Little League, Cal Ripken: Send me a photo of your team hat along with your team website, GameChanger link, social media pages. I’m putting together a comprehensive baseball directory of teams and need the hats first! Or if you have a spare hat to send me, I would gladly accept one! In exchange for the hats (photo or actual), I plan on continuing to promote your league, your opening day, your summer tournament, your fundraisers, and all of your great work in Rhode Island Baseball. Plus, give other leagues and teams a chance to see your work as well.

If you have a spare hat to send to me, email me for further details at ribaseballexperience@gmail.com. Or simply email me a photo of your team hat, with your website, social media pages, GameChanger page, etc. Thanks, I’m looking forward to sharing this directory page with all of the Rhode Island Baseball Community this Spring.

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