The Calamari League – Episode 1: A Community Baseball Team Is Formed

Through my 8Unassisted Production Company (fancy title, but its actually still just me), I am creating a series of explainer videos for Rhode Island baseball players interested in the Calamari League. In addition, I have created a page on my website (The Calamari League) which I will be updating with news and notes throughout this process. My goal is to have a summer tournament in August or September with each team playing 4 to 5 (maybe more) games, then a round robin tournament to decide who is the Calamari League Champions of 2022. Here is Episode 1 on how a community baseball league (fictional) was formed:

In this first episode of my new series entitled “The Calamari League,” Patrick from East Providence talks to friends, business leaders, and his doctor about playing baseball. Patrick mentions that the Calamari League is a community baseball league and that teams are forming all over Rhode Island this year for a summer league and tournament. He invites them to join him on the East Providence team, then they tell their friends, and so on. Soon, a community baseball team is formed.

But there are questions. Want to know the answers? Want to learn more about the Calamari League? Great, you can email me your questions at

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