Rhode Island Little League Fundraisers And Special Events In March

I love seeing social media posts from all of my Rhode Island Baseball Community members. I especially love reading and learning more about local fundraising efforts to support youth sports leagues, like Little League here in Rhode Island. Fundraising is important component of running a youth sports league and can provide some much need funds for equipment, travel, facility upgrades, and perhaps to support a community member in need. Here are some of the social media posts and links that caught my eye recently.

If your league is running a fundraiser this Spring, Summer, or Fall send me a link with the event, when it is happening, who it benefits, and a flyer like the ones you see in this article. I am happy to share your fundraising efforts with the entire Rhode Island Baseball Community. And let’s support each other’s efforts to raise funds for youth sports, like Little League by attending events and fundraisers throughout the state! Here is a contact form to fill out if you have a fundraiser you would like me to share:

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