ASFMS – Coventry vs Curtis Corner RIPCOA Middle School Baseball Championship – The Fans Tell The Story

The Rhode Island Principal’s Committee on Athletics (RIPCOA) Middle School Baseball Finals was played last night at East Providence’s Pierce Field. The two teams, Alan Shawn Feinstein Middle School – Coventry (ASFMS) faced off against Curtis Corner Middle School (CCMS), each team winning their brackets with perfect 3-0 records. ASFMS, by virtue of their top ranked seeding, was the home team with CCMS the visiting team. Game time was scheduled for 4:30, which meant I could not attend due to work commitments. So, I posted a request on social media for fans and family members who would be attending the game – “will you help?”

Help tell the story, snap a photo, include a score update, share the emotions of the game, and be my eyes and ears for this incredible matchup between two outstandingly talented baseball teams. The response was tremendous. I want to thank every single parent who shared a photo, an update, a video, and allowed me to be “sort of” at the game with you there in the red seats at Pierce Field. So, here are the photos and captions and videos and updates I received (no names, but once again I thank you for the efforts) throughout a very, very exciting finals featuring ASFMS – Coventry vs CCMS.

I actually took this photo. This was about 12:30pm pre-game, crew working on the field, Pierce Field, East Providence
About to start

First game updates – 1-0 Coventry top of the 2nd. Jayce Bessette scored Riley Wheeler with an RBI double. 1-0 top 3rd. Curtis corner just got out of a bases loaded 1 out jam. 1-0 top of the 4th. Curtis Corner just tied it up 1-1 bottom of the 4th. 1-1 top of 7. You’re missing a great game (jeez thanks).

Top of the 7th tied 1-1
Extra Innings, Top of the 8th 1-1
Going into extra innings, I’m trying to get pictures but I’m so far away
I texted one parent and asked “how is the crowd, is everyone pacing around?” The response, “hahahah, I am!!!”

Then, a final flurry of updates from parents of both teams in the bottom of the 8th inning with this one describing it all. Coventry wins 2-1. One heck of a game!!! Here is a video sent it last night from a #proudparent of ASFMS – Coventry:

A David Delgado special – “Moose crossing the plate after a hit from Ashton Chieppa for the win.”

And this commentary this morning came in with some key points to the game:

You asked for some highlights from the middle school championship. Came down to:

  1. Pitching and very strong defense on both sides (which is probably obvious from the score). Almost pro level plays by these young guys.
  2. There was a big play at home in 2nd. CCMS Runner stole third and there was an overthrow, so he was sent home. Coventry LF who was backing up play made a near perfect throw to catcher who tagged the sliding CCMS runner. He was called out. That was costly for CCMS given the tight game.
  3. The CCMS RFer made a spectacular rundown of a sure double late in the game with runners on base. Saved runs there. The most interesting thing is that same CCMS player later hit a deep fly ball with 2 on and 2 outs. The Coventry CF had a bit of a run to grab that one which would’ve been a double to grab lead late in game for CCMS. Same thing!
  4. Coventry pretty much had their big bats in the order at bottom of that extra inning. And those guys came through with big hits. They earned the win.
  5. It was one of the best games I’ve seen at that level from a pure baseball standpoint.

So, congratulations to CCMS on a fantastic season and an amazing run through a very tough set of games against RIPCOA #1 seeds to the finals. And to the ASFMS – Coventry team for winning the 2022 RIPCOA Middle School Baseball Title. Incredible run that started with an undefeated season in 2021 (no playoffs/tournament) and finished with another undefeated season in 2022, capped off by a tremendous run through the playoffs and a memorable win over CCMS in the finals. It took extra innings to decide this one. Two very, very talented teams with stars up and down their lineups, great coaches in the dugouts, and supportive family and friends in the stands. As the parent said, and I will never live this one down, I missed one heck of a game.

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